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Bertolt Brechtakt

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BTW: Is it possible to watch The Phantom Brickworks Screening again ? The youtube stream was awesome yesterday.

Want this info as well.

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8 hours ago, fringerviv said:

Blue Jam's my Jam. You seen Jam the show?

No, I haven't. But since you named it I was able to google it, thanks.

Quite hillarious, the english accent just adds to the flavor

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I feel bad for the lion guy. I'm sure I got the same BOC question and put the same answer he did. Although a visit to the "featured artists" subforum could have helped him with the Clark question.

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Ok back from my weekend camping.

Turned it on and its that extinction rebellion stuff. Turned it off again.

Looking forward to hearing Squarepusher by the looks of the happy reacts here

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