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Brian Dance

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Spring cleaning/chucking old stuff (mid 00s) online at the mo'.

Gonna whack on Bandcamp/Spotifuk next week so if you listen and something sounds bad lemme know and I'll try to fix it.

Was listening to loads of Moondog and Steve Reich around the time these were made.


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Thanks mate, I was obsessed with writing counterpoint based off of a single theme at the time - all the synth parts in that are the opening bassline transformed by combinations of transposition, reversal, inversion & time stretching/contraction. The glock part is different though.

It's called that because I went to the park to write lyrics for that track on a nice day but forget to bring a pen like the silly sausage that I was. By chance my friend Naomi came by and was kind enough to give me a pen. I wrote the lyrics but after recording them decided I preferred the track as an instrumental*.

*there's another version of this track with a ridiculous heavy guitar+slide whistle+screaming ending

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