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stompin' industrial, acid or gabber music?


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would you recommend any good gritty stompy music? in the style of:

* universal indicator (green)

* perc https://perctrax.bandcamp.com/track/toxic-nrg

* trip


i've only recently begun to explore gabba+industrial kind of music, but i'm having trouble finding good stripped down gabber.. (without the vocals and the fluff) if you know what i mean. do you watmm'ers have any good advices? thanks a lot!

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this is *gold*. i had totally forgot about spiral tribe. and all the others are new to me. very good quality, thanks!!

i may be confusing the gabber genre with hardcore (i understand hardcore is less playful and tounge in cheek compared to gabber?).

really just need the "stomping" feel to be cool with it anyhow. any old classic or new stuff.


not sure what you call this, but it's a good one:

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really lovely tracks everyone!


Finest acid stompers from Mills:

woa! these are ACE
Nice one ? Still get excited every single time I listen to dark matter. Edited by drome
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On 4/23/2019 at 8:04 PM, joshuatxuk said:

ZULI Trigger Finger


this is insanely good! sort of like blowing your speakers up without actually blowing them up

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