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All End on NTS 4 vinyl

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On 4/28/2019 at 2:26 PM, jules said:

what dj would ever spin this?


I played it in my Snarcopalypse dj set last week!

Well... Some of it anyway.

Played with the pitch and dropped phat breakbeats over the top

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On 4/21/2019 at 7:14 PM, oscillik said:

The track fades out and fades back in. It's not a big deal.

It's the opposite of a not big deal, but I don't care about how and what those vinzyl hipsturz listen to. I DON'T FuckINFDG CARE!!!!1/&"%§$$§>32

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Splendid track and a great series of releases but I'm still bewildered why they released NTS on vinyl at all..they embraced the long form format with quaristice outakes and elseq on mp3...pardon my sensuality..i could never be one of these men who flips a record half way thru an ambient track.

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Hey oscillik, I thought you would be one of the first people to agree with me, I know you're a big vinyl head..why is NTS worthy of vinyl and elseq isn't?

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