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1 hour ago, psn said:

Also, don't remove read threads from that view.


36 minutes ago, goDel said:

Good to see all the new options and stuff.

But there are also some struggles. Mainly with the "unread content" page. Similar to psn. My biggest pain is that it prefilters on thread you haven't posted in. And I can't figure out how to drop that filter. I just want a view with all threads with new content. And it doesn't matter whether or not I already have made a post in those threads.

Or in other words, the classic WATMM experience without subforums. ?

Is it possible to have that again?


The 'Read Status' and 'Ownership' filters can be used to achieve these, respectively.


However I haven't found the way yet to make the changes permanent, apart from saving them to a new 'Activity Stream'. Ideally we'd be able to make permanent changes to the behavior of the Unread Content link (or to add custom links to the forum index instead of going through the Activity dropdown).

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I am sorry, I made a new topic about it to see what people think of it... I did not see this one... But I like the new forum. Cool new features and it looks much better!

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How do I edit my signature? Cannot find a setting.


Browsing via laptop / firefox now, looks lush.  Good work JR and crew.


Agreed the mobile layout is nice but it does have a LOT of wasted space.

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4 minutes ago, triachus said:

someone quote my post so i can hear the blip


i still can't view/edit my payment method, or add a new one, for the store thing.. all it'll let me do is edit my billing address, click "confirm & pay", then error out saying to use a different payment method

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10 hours ago, ManjuShri said:

Getting the New Replies preview box above the forum list back would be great if possible.

Actually just changing the Recent Topics sidebar on the forum listing to be Recent Replies would be easier I assume. The 'Fluid' option option for forum display doesn't work quite right yet as others have pointed out.

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15 minutes ago, poopypants said:

joyrex let me know when they close your ticket. close my ticket, my poopypants ticket. 

Isn’t a poopypants ticket really just... toilet paper?

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  • Joyrex changed the title to Forum Discussion/Issues

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