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Ekoplekz - Kirlian Visionz (Seagrave Records)

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Nocturnalis 03:43
Junction 18 03:03
Cruciflukz 03:05
Diode Ring 05:05
Fractious 03:13
Malcolm 03:46
Isomorphik 05:19

Out now!



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I thought this was quite a fun collection. Seems its outtakes "shrapnel" from various sessions, as such its for quite a varied sound palette and is rather enjoyable.


I think his minimal / dub / industrial aesthetic works well.

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ye really horrible first comment, sad

2 hours ago, StephenG said:

I've really enjoyed all of his Pmu releases, I haven't ventured into releases on other labels though.

Any recommendations?


Also lol caze

check out last years Impressionz! (Reflekzionz outtakes)

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MemowrekZ on mordant music is a  beast, nearly 2 hours long and proper. Dirty industrial dub splurge. One of his first releases.

[Plug... Issue 6 of my Snare/Rush zine is out soon and has an interview with Ekoplekz plus a run through of my personal highlights from his discography]

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11 hours ago, Extralife said:

To me, WATMM has been about 90% positive the past few years — including about this album. 

lol yeah. then you take 10 seconds to look through dr lopez posts and realise “oh... never mind...”

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On 5/19/2019 at 2:48 AM, Extralife said:

This album is rocking my house right now. 

Indeed, the tracks in this album are some of the most fun / inventive / varied pieces he has released in a while.  Probably listened to this 6 times already.

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5 minutes ago, dr lopez said:

where can i listen? I can at least do the courtesy of listening after he got sad because i said he's only ok. (not bad mind you, did not say he was bad)

Very first link in this topic.

Pretty crappy that you (soft) dissed his work and didn't even listen bro! 

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