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Datach’i - Bones


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Much like its predecessor, 'Bones' manages to make the most of the possibilities modular systems offer, whilst avoiding their many pitfalls that can often turn such music into little more than a dry academic exercise. Indeed 'Bones' is a remarkably intimate album, written and recorded in the time following his father's death, and reflects this intense period of personal change in Joseph's life. "Creating this music was a therapy of sorts," Joseph recalls. "It was almost like a close friend being there for me, and it's something that I hope others can, perhaps, utilize in the same way." 

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I remember his debut from '99. It was called 0011100100101 something I think. It sounded like Aphex for kindergarteners.

But the contrast between that and his last LP from 2016 is like night and day. His work sounds much more mature and refined now. It'll be interesting to hear what Bones has to offer. And my dad passed away late last year, so I can empathize.

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Have been listening to Wearealwayswellthankyou recently since I found the CD again, and it put me in the mood for more Datach'i.  Good timing! 



 First 500 orders from Mu store or Bandcamp receive a bonus 19-track CDR album of exclusive tracks and are enetered into a lottery for a Tiptop Audio "ONE" sampler module with Datachi card


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5 hours ago, Extralife said:

Never instabought something this fast. Pumped.

yeah this. System was incredible and the bonus CD was arguably even better - “Face the pastries” alone is staggering. incredibly pumped for this.



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The demo track is really, really good.

Datach'i is a menace to music. Just because *he* can make a modular sound good doesn't mean you, too, should go out and get one.

(and I say this as the owner of a small Eurorack system, so I know what I'm talking about)

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I instabought as soon as I saw the email this morning. System was great. 


First track sounds a bit like Monarchs no? Wasn't that the first track we heard off System as well? Not complaining btw.

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^yeah it does sound a bit on the same vibe/sound as the last album. i really think the two albums (proper + bonus CD) should've been edited into all killer no filler (was def some meh tracks in there), and i'm a touch worried this one might end up being too similar....especially given how soon after the last this is (given before that he hadn't put anything out in a decade)...worried we might be getting into dad-IDM territory here tbh. i bought it already anyway tho, giving the benefit of the doubt. i REALLY hate buying music before i get to listen to a good portion of it, often will not, period. felt datachi was solid enough to warrant breaking that...we'll see.

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