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Simon Pyke (Freeform) - Spatial/Colossal/Tribal/Ornamental


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I have been singing praises for Simon's work since the late 90s.  He is (in my humble opinion) one of the most talented producers to come out of this era.  He is one of the few artists who I can listen to for hours on end and never get fatigued.  Repeat listens never get stale -- new twists and turns I never noticed before turn up each time. 


In short...the man is a genius.  


This collection of releases highlights music old and new (mostly previously released) from his vast catalogue of tunes.  They've been compiled lovingly by the Universal Everything design studio that he and his brother Matt run.


I never get tired of throwing out Simon Pyke/Freeform recommendations to people (obviously) -- if you are unfamiliar, now's the time to dig in.

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I couldn't agree more about Pyke. Still a regular in my rotation, Heterarchy my personal favorite. I always felt like Freeform never got as popular as many others during that time, but he's still making great music. Incredibly underrated. 

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