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brainwaltzera - AIepoch EP

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34 minutes ago, hello spiral said:

Sounds ok. For something you'd find on SC with 10 plays.

yeah, I'm done posting Brainwaltzera stuff on here because of these kind of comments. Well done Spiralizer, you've won.

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Flol. I think that’s a world record. How does Hello Spiral manage to instantly get on a new Brainwaltzera thread? It’s very uncanny indeed!

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people at brainwaltzera HQ are now running around the office back and forth with maps full of papers, occasional paper flying out, lots of sweaty people making phonecalls, because spiral managed to make brainwaltzera no longer being mentioned at their main target demographic place: watmm

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I am so done with Britney commenting on my hair. Peter said that Sasha said that dress like a clown but that's not true. She's the mean one, fucking cunt. Franklin, grab my bag, we're going.

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How do I reconcile the fact that I Love this new Brainwaltzera ep but am also a fan of following Hello Spiral’s witticisms around the various sub forums of WATMM?

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