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6 hours ago, leterel said:

Just checking as CBA to read all threads, we do know that the .WAVs from Warp30 are free to download from AE_STORE right?



watch it with those wetransfer links. Joyrex doesn't want non-paying members to see them :^)

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9 hours ago, manmower said:

It was 2 x 1 hour I think.
But anyway, this torrent has direct streamrips of the entire weekend, bless this dude: http://uk.thelion.me/nts/wxaxrxp_warp30.torrent

i must have been more stoned than i thought last night...i swore i listened to two hours of ae after the boc mix

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4 hours ago, oscillik said:

lol "I reek of putrefaction!"

this is particularly surreal for me: at that time i was obsessed with reek of putrefaction. I'm not speaking generically of interest in grindcore or death metal, but of a true obsession just for reek of putrefaction, so much so that I formed this - embarassing - band  


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22 hours ago, NewSchoolScience said:

For old time's sake:


I'd give up my left nut, no both of my nuts, for a high quality version of the track that starts at 4:59.  Oh my days, those blissful ten minutes are a crystallisation of what electronic music is all about.

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theres moments in there I suspect they've gone beyond polishing the sound quality and glitched it up a bit for the modern ear. Purely speculation.. even if they have I wouldn't want them to acknowledge the suspicion

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