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Unknown Pleasures At 40 - Joy Division's Masterpiece


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NME has published an interview with the surviving members of Joy Division on the 40th anniversary of their masterwork, Unknown Pleasures:


Vinyl Factory has also an article on the surviving band members request for modern directors to create music videos for the songs from Unknown Pleasures - the first one created and available is for "I Remember Nothing" (embeds are not allowed for this video, so you'll have to click through):


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One of the greatest albums ever, even right now you tune into BBC6 most bands are copying them. One day for certain reasons (I was on my back with sciatica) I had BBC6 tuned in and endured for almost a whole day. The best tune of the whole duration which blew everything away was when Lamacq played Twenty-Four Hours from the Peel session. Okay that's not on Unknown Pleasures, but I remember just thinking even all these years later almost no bands can touch them. Of course there's other bands in this league like The Cure etc.

Not a vinyl fiend, my early 90's cd still sounds great! And surprisingly remains unscathed....

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