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MHTRTC Mastered by Bola

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On 6/19/2019 at 4:10 PM, Joyrex said:

The reversed channels?

Left was Right and Right was Left until the 2014 remaster:


  • On the 2014 remaster and re-release, the left and right audio channels appeared to have been reversed. This was later elaborated upon and, due to an issue with the original transfer in 1996, it was the original release in which the left and right audio channels where truly reversed. When the original DAT tape masters where used for the 2014 remastering of the EP, the channels where subsequently restored back to their original form as originally intended.
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That postcard mentions 'Desert Scores' by Ian O'Brien on Ferox Records...

Guess that's where "Transmissions Ferox" on Tomorrow's Harvest comes from...

And, anyone interested in the release itself: 

I would strongly bet that the 'Ian' mentioned on several BOC releases is one and the same... wouldn't be surprised if he was a member of BOC pre-Twoism (or earlier) days...

Also, LOL @ the first track: "Mad Mike Disease"

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