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Aphex Twin - The Warehouse Project (Manchester)


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14 hours ago, WeAreOceans said:


I managed to get so spannered that I can’t remember most of the night but cleverly recorded a bit of Polynomial C on my phone. Wasted me was probably extremely over excited upon hearing that ?

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1 hour ago, J3FF3R00 said:

Holy goddamn. 

That looks incredible. 

Even with out the lasers still a 10. Maybe I didn't need acid and mushrooms but glad I did it. Experienced enough for my little mind for some time in that hour and a half.

VID-20190921-WA0005.mp4VID-20190921-WA0008.mp4 Edited by donquixote
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23 hours ago, stripeyhat said:

Jesus it’s big in here! Have already forgotten which room is which ?

Hang in there. You got this

Meant to say cheers for this. Helped a bit but it all went a bit event horizon when rich came on.

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15 hours ago, beer badger said:

This thread is most muted so I guess everyone got munted and so cuntfaced. And don't possess the necessary will power to tell everybody about it! Good work.



I certainly did. Woke up at about 3pm yesterday, fully clothed on the sofa. No idea how or when I got home!

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Also wanna say Croww, Lee Gamble, Renick Bell and Aleksi Perala did fantastic sets too. And as much as I am no fan of WHP the new venue is really really good, I just hope they play ball with smaller promoters and clubs.....

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