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Aphex Twin - The Warehouse Project (Manchester)


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ah, word, del. deleted.


dude this manchester YT... i think the audio is better than field day or printworks and the performance is great. good iteration of "mini live set" from printworks.

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1 hour ago, very honest said:

dude this manchester YT... i think the audio is better field day or printworks and the performance is great. good iteration of "mini live set" from printworks.

This. Just finished watching the set. Really love the execution of Field Day/Printworks/Warehouse Youtube presentation.Weirdcore was on fire especially with this one. Impressed with the red/black/yellow, blue/red/white etc. manipulation towards the end and the smokey people fx in the beginning (you know when you see it...). Lush eye candy. And surprise, surprise, loved the audio set too. Field Day has a special place in my heart but this came very close. Printworks maybe left me a tad cold, but really need to check it again. Liked the live parts more on this one tbh. Some wicked acid parts there.

Was a great Boxing Day treat. Thanks afx crew! :smile:

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