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Today: WARP30 / Live from NTS London


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I'll be tuned in, and I think a lot of other watmm mofo's will be

Total mystery to what will happen, and he's been quiet for a while, I'm intrigued and excited!

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17 hours ago, Gocab said:

Best thing I've heard from him in years and years and years.

He should release an album like that!

Damn Tom, where have you been!? I missed tracks like that.

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Maybe he's been working on that software that he's mentioned in a couple interviews. System 1 or something. This is the first new stuff I've heard since 2015.

I hadn't noticed on the first go, but the melody that's ~17 minutes in is very close to that sine melody in The Exploding Psychology.

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2 hours ago, MadameChaos said:

so I missed the entirety of this (yay me!). do any of your kind sirs have a recording I could download? (all of it)

Same. I missed the entire Warp 30 broadcast over the weekend, hearing it by name only. Hadn't realized what it actually was until about an hour ago because I'm a stupids.

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47 minutes ago, Soloman Tump said:

This is a great mix.  Presumably its all new squarepusher tunes?

Do you mean new as in... new? Or unreleased?


They all sound old to me, 1998 -2006ish?

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