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Today: WARP30 / Live from NTS London


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i made progress on splitting it into tracks

  1. first i skipped through and tried to identify tracks by ear, which gave me 8 or 9 tracks
  2. then i looked at the apparent track list in the JPG that comes with the download, which has 12 tracks, including vortrack remix
  3. vortrack is easy to identify, narrowing down where i needed to add new track breaks. the biggest segment i had after step 1 was like 10 minutes at the beginning
  4. the word acid in the track list actually helps a lot. it tells you: 4 acid tracks, then 1 maybe not acid, then 2 acid, then 1 maybe not acid, then 2 that are acid before vortrack remix
  5. i had already cut a track that is not acid, in step 1, which is at 13 minutes in, which would seem to confim that the epic 10 minute acid start is broken up into a few
  6. there was another segment that is easy to identify and is not acid (labeled "d & b" in my labels), which helps to identify tracks 9 and 10
  7. there seem to be some audio cues that represent track changes in a few places, which help to confirm and place the cut
  8. i found segments that fit with the track list. 






i may be off in a few spots but i am posting the source material in hopes that anyone can help improve it.

Label Track.txt

That's an audacity label export. you should be able to open the long audio file and then import the labels from that. the labels in audacity can be used to break it up and "export multiple" as described here  

if anyone improves the label placement, please export the labels and post here

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