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Weirdly Specific DIY Books

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Found this book in a Japanese guesthouse/library/bookshop


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    • By user
      Finished soldering my 4th eurorack module today, the turing machine by music thing. Even though I didn't add any extra flux while soldering I noticed the boards were quite sticky and had some specks of solder on them so decided to try to clean them a bit with cotton swabs and 96% alcohol. While doing this a whole bunch of the joints developed a white crust that doesn't look good at all. I googled a bit but got overwhelmed trying to figure out what it could be so I turn to the watmm hive-mind for help. Here's a pic: (feel free to ridicule my crummy soldering skills)

      This is after going over the whole board, as you can see not all the joints are as badly affected... I used 60/40 leaded soldering tin with a flux core. There's still a lot of flux but I stopped what I was doing when I noticed the white oxidation or whatever it is.   
      Anyone have any idea what I should do? I've some distilled water as well but don't wanna try anything else before getting some advice from someone who isn't as ignorant as myself. 
    • By Joyrex
      Let's see what emoji we can come up with...
    • By Joyrex
      Ran across this today and it is just too cool (I think) not to share:

    • By Soloman Tump
      I want to start soldering - there are a couple of simple MODs I want to do on some second hand (fairly expendable) pedals I own.
      I already do plenty of welding with my job so I am pretty sure I will pick it up ok.
      Anyone got any advice on what kind of iron to buy, what types of solder to use, other hints or tips.  Would be useful to have all of this in one place if anyone has anything to add.
      Was looking at temperature controlled stations, such as the Weller WHS40
      But not sure if this is completely overkill for the sake of what I am intending to do.  This venture may lead on to more complex things so perhaps its worth investing a few extra quid now?
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