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Went through the SP discog in my van this week (though I skipped GWotR and Mythmaker for no particular reason).  Weapon's a lot better than I gave it credit for.  Kind of shocked to find it's 6 years old already, going on 7.  I still think of it as a new album.  

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I really enjoy the post-reformation albums even though they sound very different. The way they evolve and mutate their mythology really fascinates me. "Ghostman" off of GWotR is one of their best songs ever, imo.

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If you mean since they first broke up after The Process, you should really check out the albums they made since.  It's like a whole other interesting project.  Both the vocal and programming style changed completely.

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Nice, new track! Last Download album was excellent, on my top 2019 list!

I used to liked early synth/goth Skinny Puppy before they started to emulate Ministry's use of metal guitar (samples) moving the whole thing towards a more industrial-mainstream(ish) sound.

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    • By gnarlybog
      Cevin Key will be releasing his first solo album in a few years.
      You can listen to the first single here. It's pretty good, but supposedly 3 more tunes will be released before feb.
      Looking forward to those vocal tracks.

    • By Goiter Sanchez
      New Skinny Puppy album on May 28... Please discuss.

      01. wornin'
      02. illisiT
      03. saLvo
      04. gLowbeL
      05. solvent
      06. paragUn
      07. survivalisto
      08. tsudanama
      09. plastiCage
      10. terminal

      The album is now streaming for you HERE. 

    • By sidewinder
      Skinny Puppy - HanDover
      October 25 US / October 28 Europe

      1. ovirt
      2. cullorblind
      3. wavy
      4. ashas
      5. gambatte
      6. icktums
      7. point
      8. brownstone
      9. vyrisus
      10. village
      11. noisex
      Sound clips: http://www.spv.de/_BRIDGE/products.php?product=308282
      Not quite as long of a wait as Plaid's Scinitilli, but it's still been forever since a new album was announced and it finally has a release date. Sounds more electronic than the last 2 albums. I've been a big fan of SP for a long time but the 2 reunion albums so far have been very meh for me. I'm glad to have been able to see them live 3 times since, though. The reunion material sounds much better live when surrounded by older tracks. Anyway, I'm feeling I may like this more, based on the samples. Sound a little "light" rather than dense in sound, but we'll see.
    • Guest tibbar
      By Guest tibbar
      just confirmed yesterday by cEvin Key on a Vancouver radio show that Ogre is currently recording vocals in L.A. with mark walk, and that the album and tour are indeed "on track" for an October release! Key apparently used alot of ReNoise on the new lp.
      no title yet.
    • By Rubin Farr
      Very hard to find this one on vinyl, a welcome reissue:
      https://www.normanrecords.com/records/184247-skinny-puppy-last-rights?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Tuesday Update 27th October 2020&utm_content=Tuesday Update 27th October 2020+CID_82c745d2d13df78b557ce62ff7ca1f48&utm_source=EmailMarketingSoftware&utm_term=Last Rights Skinny Puppy

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