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WATMM is dying

hello spiral

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48 minutes ago, BCM said:

cwmbrancity you're being a dickhead, what gives? you trying to get banned or something? go out in a blaze of glory?

If that was his intention then it worked.


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2 hours ago, ligma said:

the cabal is real. the shadowmakers (as i refer to them) are orchestrating a hostile takeover of watmm. hello spiral has threatened to hire local freelance deathkillers to capture and sodomize cwmbrancity. he will be fucked and paraded around chat in a donkey cart for all to see. i'll be the only nigga in the room with a hard dick when this happens i am willing to bet.


edit: damn oh shit i meant to pm!!!! sorry

not bad for a 12th post

I can definitely see a future for you here in watmm, you will definitely be an important part in The Great Scheme Of Things


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Back in the day when I was high as a fucking intergalactic kite, I'm sure I once posted that I was gonna kill This Is Michael Jackson with a Rambo Knife! How did I not get banned for that? Pretty sure I posted my home address to another person to come round and have a fucking fight, man to man on my front lawn! Claw to claw flol.

As per usual once the intergalactic kite had fallen to Earth, I felt bad about this. Glad the mods could see the slight glimmer of goodness that twinkled from decent sober posts.

I'd hate to get banned from here. Jesus Christ, you should see the fucking Mongloids I have to deal with in my life when it comes down to music. 


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8 minutes ago, ignatius said:

this is the longest death scene ever. 20 pages long!


4 minutes ago, darreichungsform said:

The ban was a wrong decision in my opinion, if it's a perma ban. All this guy did was being a bit of a pain in the ass. So what?

Only because you can ban people doesn't mean you have to all the time

I agree with you. You're far more eligable for banhammering

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6 minutes ago, IOS said:

Why not lock this thread instead though, as early as possible rather than letting it drag on for 20 pages

Why would you want to lock this thread? Ignore it, and it will die all by itself.

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