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House of Suns - House of Suns

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House of Suns – taking its title from Alastair Reynolds’s sci-fi novel – is a new project from Cologne-based producers Swan Meat and DJ Heroin.

While both artists are known for the baroque maximalism and granular detail of their productions, House of Suns is structured around an ethos of constraint and a desire to work within the more orthodox rule-sets of dance music. “Whenever I DJ I always notice that certain tracks ‘hit’ in a certain way while still adhering to some sort of club-friendly structuring-mantra,” DJ H explains. “We just worked from there and tried to distill our micro-editing obsessed workflows down to something that could fit into a more traditional DJ set, while still retaining a degree of playfulness and sound design.”

The resulting EP bears the genetic-makeup of both artists’ styles, but also its own distinct mutations. Of the tracks, “Throttled” stands out for its steady, throbbing drum track and its simple but sticky melodic hook.



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