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JS - AMER Dumb dark ambient ?


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some weird ambient thing made inside of renoise.

It's not masterd at all i dont even know where to start with that. 

Some tips on where to look for sources on mastering would be appreciated.





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      By Guest Z_B_Z
      ..anyone here an aficionado? I've sampled his stuff over the years and watching these vids of recent live performances really made me want to seriously get into his stuff. I would love to have a full concert in 5.1 surround if these videos are indicative of a whole 'performance'. can someone give me a list of his 'must hear' releases?

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      Previously unreleased Lustmord

      "Lustmord’s TRINITY was originally commissioned by Unsound Festival in 2012 as a live presentation, with the project being developed further for this album version.
      It includes location recordings made at Los Alamos National Laborites, where the atom bomb was developed and at Jornada Del Muerte Alamogordo Air Base (aka White Sands), New Mexico where the first bomb was detonated, along with audio gathered at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Archive via the Freedom of Information Act. "
      Merry tunes for the bandcamp day
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      One of two albums I've been working on this year is out now. The other will be out in the next few months. Thank you. 🙂

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      Collection of archival material from Columbus area goth / new wave 80s band that kind of got lost in the shuffle, as many do.  Sounds timely for the hauntology / dark ambient scenes that owe a lot to this kind of sound.

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