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I don't know what you're all complaining about . Under Trump we have had ten hours of studio releases from Ae and something like 30 hours of soundboards, as well as the best aphex music since the

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A witness in a case brought forward by Donald Trump's campaign over election results in Arizona has admitted to being the business partner of the lawyer arguing the president's case.

Zack Alcyone admitted to being the associate of the Trump campaign's legal representative, Kory Langhofer, during a hearing in Maricopa County on Thursday, specialist legal news website Law and Crime reported.

The pair are listed as co-founders of Phoenix-based software company Signafide on the firm's website.



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Million MAGA March. If Trump's inauguration was anything to go by, there will be nowhere near that turnout.

I heard from a friend that HIS friend's work is actually going to pay his employees to go march with them... well they will be 'clocked in' while they are there at their work back home.

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6 minutes ago, toaoaoad said:

Is this over yet

Title of my sextape?

4 hours ago, Squee said:


306 is a bigger number than 232.

This is calculus to drumpf

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31 minutes ago, Nebraska said:

Million MAGA March Covid-19 super spreader in full swing


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that guy is deep in the cult delusion


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Does anyone think counter-protesting was a good idea this time? I think it's obvious the MAGA people are looking for an outlet to fume.... and Democrats won this time, and there is no way either party will protest peacefully if both there in large numbers.

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sounds like some locals made the outsiders unwelcome. what a shit show though. i'm sure we'll see more of these little skirmishes 

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livestreams of the proud boys saying fascist rhetoric made me sick, really hated the smiles on their faces and self congratulatory attitude saying they did the job the police couldn't and saved the streets from antifa

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