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The Lord is Coming


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2 minutes ago, Stickfigger said:

The Lord has the Gush 

The Lord is having a hard time keeping his lob in a sexy twet

I will defiantly listen to this album. (in defiance of the Lord, that is)

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Jesus Christ (no pun intended) I read the title of this thread and thought it was another General Banter oddball thread flol!

Along with Watmm Is Dying, A Nice Thread, I Like Katy Perry, and Lana Del Ray Loves Boards of Canada, I thought The Lord Is Coming will be the final straw. The volcano is about to blow! the tetonic plate is about to collapse! the atom bomb is freefalling towards the target!

Image my disappointment when I twig that it's in the EKT Forum. Yawns.

(only joking!) (about yawning in the EKT forum)

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