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Music is math; percussion part

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What do you people make of the percussion in this track? I must have listened to it 50 times and still can't really make sense of what is going on, normal drum kit sounds processed through analogue equipment? How is that "wet" elasticity part of the beat made and what is it really tied to? Sometimes while listening I get glimpses of something that makes a lot more sense but I can usually only hold onto that for a few seconds before it disappears.

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Besides the drum machine loop from the start? I hear an acoustic drum loop (possibly two?) recorded on magnetic tape and then ran through 1. downward ramp lfo lowpass filter 2. saturation/distortion 3. flanger 4. delay (in that order)


Whatever it is changes slightly in the last third of the track

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There's definitely a frequency shifter in the track.  I hear one going at a really slow rate and possibly another synced to quarter notes (though it could also be a lowpass filter like @BoomTssPhace said).

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