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Dave Monolith - The Ridge


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On 8/31/2019 at 10:57 PM, brian trageskin said:

hadn't seen this: 


that sucks. poor guy. now that we have something.. anything.. i'm much more able to be empathetic. now when he addresses the tapes snafu he'll be totally cleared.


keep going dave

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Holy shit, new MNLTH! Really excited to hear what's in store.

I've been in a similar position before, although not as drastic. Not having a way to make music for months on end is a horrible feeling.

Also, who the fuck steals hard drives these days? The average person uses cloud based storage.

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On 8/31/2019 at 9:57 PM, brian trageskin said:

hadn't seen this: 


Update 1.1:
So I am deeply sorry for my absence, it has been extremely difficult to lay it all down on the internet for the world to see, particularly when other peoples struggles seem a lot worse than my own. Some of you may already be aware of my housing troubles where I was technically homeless, I was never on the streets but I definitely had to hang out in a few parks for a prolonged period of time. From there I spent nearly 10 months not really having my own place to call home and certainly no studio. One of the temporary places I was staying got burgled and I lost all the hard drives and dongles I had been keeping with me for safekeeping. This meant I lost access to 100s of tracks I had written over the last 12 years. Besides the loss of my music and having to get a roof over my head , other serious things materialised which I am not willing to talk about on the internet. I found it hard to address music stuff when my life was in such disarray and only now I can try and get things going again. Your patience, support and understanding has been amazing and I can't really put into words how much I have appreciated it. Here's to moving forward....

I have everyones emails so far and will reply to you shortly



lol so he stole Aphex's ideas, Aphex's fans, AND Aphex's story about 'lost files' 

this guy is a king

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