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Which of the Analogue Bubblebath Series is the Best?

Which Analogue Bubblebath is the Best?  

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  1. 1. Which Entry in the Analogue Bubblebath Series is the Best?

    • ABB 1
    • ABB 2
    • ABB 3
    • ABB 3.1
    • ABB 4
    • ABB 5*
    • ABB 6*

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I got to thinking how many great tracks make up Richard's Analogue Bubblebath series, over the 5 official releases, the ABB 5 test pressing, and the tracks on the SoundCloud Dump identified as ABB6, and wondered - which release overall is the best?

If you haven't heard any in recent times, you need to reacquaint yourself with them - there are some superb tracks! Some of my personal faves:




What are some of your favourites?

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4 is my choice because Cuckoo. It's one of the first Afx records I bought too.

ABB 3 no brainer. Also:    

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I went with 1 because I have the best memories of discovering it when it came out. By the time I heard AB5 it was internet music nerd world. AB1 was an organic discovery in the wild.

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always loved this series. in my mp3 days i used to love the idea of getting AB3.1 on that 180 gram vinyl.

it's a close one, but my favourite is AB4. solid from beginning to end, and cuckoo/elephant song are two of my all time faves.

btw, props for posting ab5 track 5 ? i love that track to death!!

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In a wider sense 3. Has an own unique atmosphere....and a vacuum cleaner. Good enough reason for me. Was a tight battle with 5 though, since it has these two, always thought these were very close to ICBYD:




12 hours ago, Enthusiast said:

4 is my choice because Cuckoo. It's one of the first Afx records I bought too.

You could have voted 5 for the cuckoo too. :emotawesomepm9: Really pity that Joyrex's plan to release 5 too ála CW LP was hammered down by MVP's. Krhm, maybe once we get the bleepstore update.

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Feeling somewhat same with 6, still think them more as Joyrex tape tracks, but 5 is deffo an album for me. I'm really grateful for the kind souls who ripped the vinyl and archived it to flac and 320 kbps. Same for mfm. I believe I had only some YT rips at the time of CW LP release, so was drooling after some official bootleg version. But now thinking about it, dunno if I really need the official versions, since the versions floating around are pretty great, but yeah, would send some £'s to rich if he ever officially put it out.

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6 hours ago, Enthusiast said:

I liked 5 a lot and bought the rip. Why did he never release it properly?

It was my understanding that Rich wasn't happy with the collection of tracks (overall), and Rephlex had other priorities in terms of releases at the time.

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Just now, Enthusiast said:

I am getting it mixed up with the Caustic Window lp now. 

Well, he didn't release the CWLP for the same reasons!

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No love for 2 so far. It's a bit of a strange one. I guess if it were the only record with Didgeridoo on it, it would be incredibly sought after. I had a copy of Classics long before I stumbled on a cheap copy of 2.

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