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Mr. Bungle reuniting for 3 shows...


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... playing songs from the demo they made when they were 16, accompanied by Dave Lombardo (Slayer drums) and Scott Ian (Anthrax guitar).  




How the hell was Trey Spruance's right hand that fast at 16?  Ridiculous.

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Holy shit. HOLY SHIT! This is absolutely bonkers! The copy in that link gave me the tingles, with Mr. Bungle idolizing Slayer, Anthrax, SOD, etc. and then playing with them. 

I may need to find my way down to SF or LA on one of those dates - just wish ticket sales weren't so far in advance tbh. SHIT!


P.S. I was lucky to catch them on the California tour in Houston, when I lived there. Not sure why I hadn't caught them before that. or FNM for that matter, who I never saw live until the reunion a few years back.

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Got in the queue for tix earlier today and after getting a message that tix were no longer available, I decided not to keep trying. Ultimately I just don't wanna spend the money on the trip simply for that. 

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