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Post A trax for me to groove to & comment


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Gimme some music to listen to!!! Post one track, your best, your newest, whatever, pref <5mins & try & comment at least one descriptive word on all previous tracks.


NO COMMENTS WITHOUT A TRACK!! Let's restart this graveyard!


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    • By s1L3Nu5
      Holy shit things have changed on here - I had to pay to get in! This had better have a happy ending. FWIW I used to post as Hamsteizer around 2007. Then I twiddled my own knob so much little people came out & got in the way of everything. Worked my way back to it & I've progressed from Fruity Loops to Ableton! People are already comparing me to a modern-day Mozart, but I know I'm better than that. I'll post a couple of tracks here & then roam the forums & listen.
      Starting with an Aphex cover. Name that tune!
      ++ ok I figured out Scloud, link is here ++
    • Guest
      By Guest
      some weird ambient thing made inside of renoise.
      It's not masterd at all i dont even know where to start with that. 
      Some tips on where to look for sources on mastering would be appreciated.
    • By Hugh Mughnus
      Some of you may have seen this in your local news but we are battling some crazy fires, absolutely unreal.
      Incredibly scary stuff.
      Basically an entire city of just under 90k people have been evacuated. About 2000 structures have been burned down and the wildfire is showing no signs of slowing down.
      Lots of support flowing in from fellow Canadians and in fact, people worldwide. Fort McMurray is a city full of people that service the oil industry: engineers, righands, all supporting staff etc. So, while plenty of people are being supportive of these people fleeing this disaster there are lots of armchair protesters taking the opportunity to talk shit, stating this is Karma (global warming), the people of Fort Mac are getting what they deserve, etc.
      One of my friends (who has a 1 year old) has already lost his house.
      Here are some videos of the evacuation....
      Around 0:45 into this video, people are about 20 feet away from death...



      ps. if any of you happen to feel like donating, the red cross is the best way. More than likely, 50% or more of the city will be destroyed before this is over.
    • By Joyrex
      Based on a recent conversation I had with Richard, he says "new shit is imminent" - a new release is due soon. Let's speculate, dream, wish, beg, etc. - and hopefully this thread will be unpinned in short order and replaced with a "Aphex Twin - XXXXXX" release thread!
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