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There will be no more ultra limited edition releases from me. It was shocking and flattering to see the records sell so fast – but I want to make friends, not piss people off.

Haha thanks ? There’s lots more ready to come out now - three EPs. 

Wow. Only £50 for a new 5 trk 12" That seems like a good deal

This is very confusing, because he has already done a release in 2016 named "Human Touch": https://www.discogs.com/Rolando-Simmons-Human-Touch/release/10465289

And all of these tracks are from previous releases, like the Bridgeland EPs and some Trackermatte stuff. All very good stuff, of course, and it makes me think that I should go back and listen to some of the stuff I don't usually play more closely ?

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Thanks for making a thread ?

Just noticed it’s unavailable, weird, will probably get sorted out. And yeah, i realize the title is a bit annoying, i just really felt that it was the right thing to make it a human touch album. Just put the word album when adding it to your spreadsheet ?

We’ve been talking about pressing up some of my digital tracks for a long while and this is what came of it!

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13 hours ago, species8472 said:

It's also avalaible for preorder directly from 030303 or if you prefer to set a reminder on clone.nl.

And as usual in threads like these, if you have any questions regarding the release or anything else, ask away :)

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1 hour ago, RickDastardly said:

Yus!! Excellent news! So good to get these tracks on wax. Me+Doc is one of my all time fav Rolando Tracks! Bridgeland 303 was a stonker all round! 

We (my friend and I) were cross-eyed making me+doc and were very surprised listening back that it actually sounded nice.

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