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Ceephax LIVE NOW @ Intercell Outdoor festival


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Great to hear the set in its entirety! There's nothing quite like Ceephax's live mixes.

So many wicked acid bangers in there, the tune coming in around ~1:01:00 is especially lush. Unreleased I'm guessing?

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At the end, I was all “Man, these scratch samples are super out of time with the beat. I guess Andy doesn’t give a shit.

Then they cut to an angle of a DJ ready to start his set, following Andy’s.

Then I thought, man. This DJ doesn’t give a shit that he’s scratching out of time with Andy’s beat and the whole crowd can hear it through the PA. Andy seemed to not be sure if the DJ was gonna start his set or not. 

Then they announced it was fuckin DJ ASSAULT!!!! I was all ?

Then the live feed cut off 30 seconds into his DJ Assault’s set and I was all ?

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