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UltraMix_Vol. 2

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I did this mix, live,  a couple of years ago.

I had been messing with Traktor for about a month and thought "oh hey, wouldn't it be cool to do a 4 hour live broadcast." No real DJ skill here, There's a 30 minute intermission roughly half way through where i threw on NASA sounds and ate a meal real quick.

I found a spreadsheet with the track listing, not sure if this is 100% accurate:

Yasunao tone MP3 dev 6
Sleep Research Facility 79S 140E Deep Frieze
Skeleton Alone
2814 恢复(track 1)
Funkstorung Test
Autechre Feed1
Joker Night Life
Loscil Red Tide
Gabor & Mark Fell u7
OPN Along (Ambience)
GAS Narcopop 3
voidesque Structure Itself
Third Uncle Violet Drifting Above
Psilogod heart of treachery
Covenant Go Film
Grischa L 002_xx_12B
OPN Meet Your Creator
SilentHIll3 (Yamaoka) Memory of the Waters
Aoki Takamasa RV 07
Sendai Model Unit
Cygnus Cybrid Vox
Nasdat delarge
deepchord ghost track
Kangding Ray Onde Mantis
Microlith Backwards
Untold Little Things Like That
Skeleton More Memories
Grendel Void Malign
Leon Switch Intrepid
Surgeon AE splunder Mix
Tim Hecker Bijie Dream
SilentHIll3 (Yamaoka) Flower Crown of Poppy
Squarepusher The Exploding Psychology
Ceephax Acid Crew National Grid
Sendai Livable Beams
Cygnus Nexus Telecoms
OPN Zebra
Xenakis Persepolis
Kraftwerk Numbers
Kraftwerk Computer World
Glass Candy Computer Love 
Broadcast You and Me in Time
Napolian Rejoice
James Ferraro Plastiglomerate & Co
Depeche Mode Breathing in Fumes
Tears for Fears Start of the Breakdown
The Haxan Cloak Excavation (Part 2)
D&E Invitro
Gridlock Sever
Ligeti Artikulation
Skinny Puppy Ghostman
Vapperor 808*
Herva Nasty MF
Objekt Ganzfield
AE live krems excerpt
Skeleton Fade
OPN Child Soldier
Jlin 1%*
Joker 21*
Eczem pr0g3.1
FlyLotus Galxy in janaki
Autechre tac Lacora
Monoloc Lowa
Oberman Knocks Lenkmyte
FKA Twigs Breathe
Subheim Ego
ECO Virtual Clear Skies
GAS Narko10
Monolake Indigo
Aphex Twin CIRKLON 1
Comp GFX Another Day
Huerco S. Cubist Camo
Rodhad Vivarium
SITD Zenit
Boards of Canada 84 Pontiac Dream
2814* Guided by Love
Loscil Endless Falls
Sleep Research Facility Stealth5
Yasunao Tone MP3 dev 7

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got a long weekend with nothing to do but write music, so when i'm breaking from that one day i'm popping this 4 hour beast on :music: 

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