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5 hours ago, no part of it said:

Drone Records in Germany is really a go-to for this, lesser known stuff.  

Also, while NWW is mentioned in this thread, and I do love Soliloquoy for Lilith, "Salt" is one of my favorite drone/ambient things:


There’s some chatter elsewhere about the provenance of Salt & the Horse Hospital release. Included it with A Missing Sense & Beware the African Mosquito (Blue Lacuna mix) on this, with TPS & Andrew Liles odds n sods


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Hello drone lovers, I'd like to start sharing and discovering live drone videos.

I'll start with this italian percussionist who developed this awesome technique (stunning drone starts at minute 15)


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New article on La Monte Young. Great read. 


He's in debt at 84 years old. This thread would not exist without him
This is the GoFundMe page for anyone who might be interested




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      I am starting a new radio show, the first episode is tonight, 9pm GMT via https://soundartradio.org.uk/
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      This was recorded in my shed.  Due to covid restrictions still in place - live broadcasting is not possible for everyone yet from the real studios.   I recorded it live in one take and you can tell as I fluff up a few times and my vocals are quiet / mashed a bit with the vox I added.  Hey ho.  A learning experience.  The music is the key.
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      Soloman Tump
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      I've been very impressed with the direction Raster has taken since the dissolution of Raster-Noton.

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      good droney stuff. a lot of his tends towards experimental weirdness but this one doesn't go quote too far that way but still definitely comes from that place, just ends up a bit more emotional and open. haven't grabbed it yet, may wait til Bandcamp Friday (this upcoming Friday, i think?)
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      04 Accreted (17:59)
      05 Accreted (Reprocess) (19:36) — Digital Bonus
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      Sound Collages
      Lake Shore
      Thunderstorms / Rain / Birds
      Night Insects
      Night Coyotes / Voices
      W/P by Justin Francazio
      Original audio (alternate version): 2012-2013
      New arrangement, mixing, and mastering: April 2021
      Accreted (Reprocess): April 2021
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