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Fluctuosa - R.I.P MC 909

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This guy made music with his MC909 everywhere and it was always a bangin experience. Fluctuosa from Istanbul puts 8 tunes from his MC 909 era out on tape. All tracks are cuts from live gigs he played with his groovebox. But life has more to offer so RIP M.C 909.

Releases September 9, 2019.

All tracks produced by Fluctuosa. (fluctuosa.com)
Mastered by Salih Topuz in Cambazli HQ. (sitdownandance.bandcamp.com)
Artwork and design by Eymen Sahin.


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On it.  

To be honest, most "braindance" style artists have been wearing a bit thin on me lately, but Fluctuosa is one of the very few who have real staying power in my playlists.  Pumped for this.

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