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Tomi Kokki - Blueberry Season Ends The Summer [House, Disco, LoFi]

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The latest. Once again a more of a house track. ? This is the final track for my "summer EP", called Summer Food.

(I think I need to start thinking about creating one thread for my tracks. ?


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17 minutes ago, TheBro said:

Seriously dope!! You're definitely producing some of the best stuff on here mate. Dig it.

Wow, I really appreciate these kind words. ?

13 minutes ago, TheBro said:

I really dig it mate but my only thing is I think needs a change somewhere during the tune as its a long track!!

Yeah, I think I know what you mean. Especially the middle part was something which I was going back and forth for a long time: should I make it more "lively" or keep it simple. Thanks for the feedback! ? Arrangement is still something I need to put more work into.

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That's alright mate. I really like your chord selection. I'm a sucker for chords that's the thing that grabs me most in a track and I find most important really. ?

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