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Spotify Acquires SoundBetter for Artist Resources

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Spotify announced today they are welcoming SoundBetter (think TaskRabbit for musicians and engineers in the music industry) into their Spotify for Artists services: https://artists.spotify.com/blog/spotify-for-artists-and-soundbetter


As part of the Spotify for Artists ecosystem, the SoundBetter acquisition is the latest step in CEO Daniel Ek's mission to turn Spotify into a "two-sided marketplace." Ek envisions a unified service where musicians can produce content and consumers can listen to music. This sounds a lot like vertical integration, but several services that are part of Spotify for Artists help musicians publish their work outside of the platform. The streaming service isn't just helping musicians get their content out; Spotify purchased Anchor earlier in the year, which helps podcasters develop, publish and monetize their shows.


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Your new avatar Joyrex might give me nightmares. Cats and dolls (especially with squeezed heads, pointy ears and eel teethed grins) are trippy. Ooh. 


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49 minutes ago, beer badger said:

Your new avatar Joyrex might give me nightmares. Cats and dolls (especially with squeezed heads, pointy ears and eel teethed grins) are trippy. Ooh. 


I understand - I'll make him a bit less scary (and more topical meme-wise) :dadjoke:

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