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I'm Telling A Lie - Figure Out What I'm Lying About

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Let's play a game where the objective is the poster tells a lie, and the others must figure out how or why what the poster is saying is a lie. I'll start:

I decided to take a trip to Italy last summer, and booked a flight via Alitalia, and went to the International Airport, boarded my flight and sat down in seat 17F. The flight was uneventful, and I enjoyed my stay in the country.

What part of what I said was a lie? (and no, not that I really didn't take a trip to Italy last summer). Italian WATMMers may immediately get this.

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my first guess was that you didn't go to the international airport. you went to the international terminal- but now i'm guessing that your flight was very eventful

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It’s a lie by omission. You flew on an Italian airline to get to Croatia, where you sowed your royal oats with reckless abandon. 

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Once when I was 8, my friend decided we should make crank calls on random numbers from the phone book.  On the first number he dialed he got an answering machine, with a message like "I'm not available to answer your call right now, but can you guess what soup I'm eating as I listen back to your message?"  To which my friend screamed "SPERM SOUP!! YOU ARE EATING SPERM SOUP!!" and hung up.  Anyway, for some reason this thread title brings that memory to mind.  Joyrex asks if watmm can guess the soup, and watmm screams sperm.  The analogy checks out.

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On 9/13/2019 at 8:58 PM, Enthusiast said:

There is no row 17. It's an unlucky number in Italy.

Not solved

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I lied
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On 9/13/2019 at 1:58 PM, Enthusiast said:

There is no row 17. It's an unlucky number in Italy.

@Enthusiast is correct!

The Italian airline I mentioned does not have a 17th row on their planes as 17 is considered an unlucky number, similar to how some people regard 13 as an unlucky number.

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41 minutes ago, MadameChaos said:

Wow this is a fun game.

^^^this is the lie!



41 minutes ago, MadameChaos said:

I also enjoyed the sperm soup story tbh. 

^^^^this is the truth!

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