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2019 09 20

01. Quicksilver Sunrise
02. Behold The Spirit
03. Crystals In Your Mind
04. Liqued Soul



Texas-based electro producer Cygnus broke the post "Cosmos" LP hiatus with 2018's "ne0 ge0" EP on Barba. Now, less than a year since, it feels like a good time to present another record from this artist worthy of the highest echelons of electro universe. "Liquid Sunlight" EP consists of four tracks: "Quicksilver Surprise", "Behold The Spirit", "Crystals In Your Mind" and "Liquid Soul" which all share common qualities of his previous work - deep, spacey, richly textured and just really well crafted electro music. Throughout the record's various moods, there's an undertone of melancholy and beauty. What Cygnus does so masterfully here is combine the futuristic imagery with deeply human emotions, a juxtaposition which makes the result feel much deeper than the sum of those parts. Without a doubt, "Liquid Sunlight" is a wonderful example of how electro in 2019 can sound. Respectful to the genre's tradition yet looking toward the future. Technology led but deeply grounded in the human condition. Engaging in solitary home listening, powerful at 4 AM in the club. All of our releases, this one's pressed onto a heavy duty 180 gram vinyl and beautifully dressed in an original artwork by local artist.


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got mine but haven't chucked it on yeet.

Disappointed no download code or anything. Looks like if I want digitals legally I'll have to buy them from Bandcamp :catsupine:

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    • By cygnus
      Download here:  https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-orchestra 
      Download here:  https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-orchestra 
      Download here:  https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-orchestra 
      New 5-Track E.P. on Biosoft Records
      Recorded at Weyland Studios in Dallas, TX & Takamatsu Recording Group in Amagasaki Prefecture, JP
      Mastered in Weyland Studios, Dallas TX and in Sheffield, UK 
      100% revenue share fees waived for today 6/5/2020 , Appreciate all support and generous offerings. 
      Hope you are all doing well !
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      Quite the lineup of braindance/electro goodness and yes, that is THE David Firth (Locust Toybox)
    • By lostcontrol
      Its our 7th birthday and this is part 1 of our inter-dimensional celebration. Part 2 is in June with a Detroit legend just so you know ?
      Cygnus - Live (Fundamental Records / Texas-USA)
      Reedale Rise - Live (Frustrated Funk / Liverpool)
      Black Eyes (Lost Control / NTS Radio)
      Leon Mitternacht
      DJ Drakula (Lost Control)
      Cygnus - Live (Fundamental Records / Texas-USA)
      We've really pulled out all the stops for this one. Cygnus is one of our favourite electro producers and has got an amazing back catalogue on labels like Frustrated Funk, Central Processing Unit and Barba Records. Always pushing boundaries without copying the past. Imagine Drexcyia's cousin and you'd be halfway there. 
      Reedale Rise - Live (Frustrated Funk / Liverpool)
      Simon's album last year was our favourite of 2018. We heard it being played in Vinyl Exchange and it got purchased straight away as did his whole back catalogue a few weeks later. Also another electro producer looking to the future. His sound is a lot deeper than the headliner but don't let that fool you because he knows how to blow your head off (musically and mentally).
      Black Eyes (Lost Control / NTS Radio)
      NTS and Lost Control resident as well as being a 7th dimension warrior will be on duties to deliver all things out of this stratosphere. Expect the venom.
      Leon Mitternacht
      The man who definitely doesn't play out as much as he deserves. I don't think we've ever heard a bad set by this guy. He will be closing the night off and we've been waiting a long time for him to do this for us. we won't tell you what to expect because it wouldn't do it justice. If you've seen him before, you know. If you haven't, you're in for some serious heat. 
      DJ Drakula (Lost Control)
      Our other Lost Control resident is only new to our crew, but he will be warming up the used garage for us in true Detroit and Chicago style.
      Tickets here:
      £10 entry all night / There will be a few cheap earlybird tickets online too
      The White Hotel
      Dickinson Street
      M3 7LW
      Listen back to our NTS show here:
      Cygnus music here:
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      Leon Mitternach music here:
      Phones at the door, eyes on the floor

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      Download here
      1. Konami Codes
      2. Emerging from the Void
      3. Temporary Feelings
      4. IBM Minus
      5. Journey Outwards
      6. SAMSARA
      7. Cloudy Style
      8. The Xenon Bridge
      9. Icasean Robotics Lab
      10. OA.SYS
      merry xmas - thanks for all of your support and love, hope you guys enjoy the music . it is full of pure love .
    • By cygnus
      hey guys! Good news - Machine Funk Volume 1 is now shipping in the USA! 

      Now you can get it  through Biosoft Records without the prohibitive Tax, Customs and insane shipping costs from Europe. 
      have to get in on it though cause there are NOT VERY MANY and they will absolutely, without a single doubt,  sell out very quickly
      Click here -----> https://cygnusat.bandcamp.com/album/machine-funk-vol-1    <-------
      3x12" Vinyl records, 79 minutes of ludicrously nerdy electro & funk  inspired by the 1984 comic book mini-series by Barry Windsor Smith 
      Purchase of the Vinyl does not include a digital version! There is, currently, no digital version. 
      Part 1 in a 4-part series! You will want to collect all of them! 

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