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EDM (Jodey Kendrick) - EDM M


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2019 09 17

01. Switching Tables 04:43
02. Hoptimist4 Dif 04:44    
03. SM02fym 05:34    
04. Jodyssey ar1 04:20    
05. KANKWERK 1m 05:13    
06. 170 D.FAFMinate 06:32    
07. PAnus.sambsx 03:36    
08. ms20yK2 05:39    
09. jm Fnk19 04:46    
10. Molecule 156b 05:21    
11. Heliox Abm156 06:04    
12. Pre Untitled 170 05:47    
13. Projec17b 05:14    
14. Muton1a 04:26



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Variations on a theme by Jenkinson.

Nothing to be ashamed of, of course.

Especially if it’s as well executed as this. +1 will purchase.

(-1 not featured artist material. Not before MoM makes it)

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On 9/20/2019 at 2:00 AM, Andon Hristov Seldt said:

JK should be in there too...WATMM Featured Artists 

never gonna happen bcuz vsnares n cylob r mean babies 

edit: listening to this now, feels like the good ol' dad funk except not boring

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I think L and M are the strongest ones since A and B.

Would certainly enjoy some of these tracks from either release on wax if Clone were up for doing another EDM compilation volume.

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