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I Freak Techniques


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So, one potential result of this question will be that I’m crazy, but anyhoo...

On Drum n Bass for Papa (somewhere?!), there’s a track that has a vocal sample saying “I Freak Techniques” with a bongo-slappin drum break behind it. 

I’ve been searching for that breakdown and I can’t seem to find it, not on my copy, not on YouTube. In which track and at what time is that? Or am I crazy? I even found the bonus tracks thinking that might be it, but no..

Obviously checked the track of the same name, and that’s not it either?!

bonus points for the vocal sample 

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Feelings has a great bongo break, no idea what its vocal sample is supposed to be saying, but I don't think it's 'I freak techniques'.

The UK version has a track not on the US version (The Life of the Mind), perhaps because of sample clearance reasons (from the Coen's movie Barton Fink)?. It has a few vocal samples, but none of them are 'I freak techniques'.


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21 hours ago, dr lopez said:

hey but like what about that sample in me and mr jones with the german guy talking. does he say "it's as though werner herzog were the voice of insanity itself" ? I can never tell...

I think I can promise you a fascinating study, it is as though one has heard the very voice of insanity. 

lol i like the Werner Herzog.  Did you check Good Room the other night?

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