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Source material for the Caretaker

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I've been trying to find the original songs that were used by the Caretaker. Apart from what I found on whosampled.com and a Youtube channel there isn't much more. I'm the most interested in the ones on 'Everywhere at the end of time stage 2'. I would love to know what that last track is.

I did find the first one, which is 'Love's old sweet song' by James Molloy. Discovered it while watching the movie Awakenings.

Anyone else know something?

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Ok, I just found out about this wonderful piece, 'The Grand Canyon Suite' by Ferde Grofé. It's been sourced for three tracks in stage 2 of EATEOT (C4, D1 and D5).

I'm not very familiar with American composers and their work. This makes me want to find out more about them. Apparently, Grofé also played a major part in making Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue a success by adapting the score for orchestra.

Original 1932 recording, conducted by Paul Whiteman.

Later recordings with better sound quality are also worth checking out.

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