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can anyone find the 2011 autopsy set


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done a lot of searching on youtube and thru these old threads, to no avail, so here goes.

i'm looking for a set where richard plays ELEPHANT SONG with loads of graphic autopsy photos and strobing lights up on a big screen. i remember it was talked about here (and i think a clip was posted) around 2010/2011.

was a really brutal, hardcore set even for aphex. there was a moment where "intermission" came up on the screen but then "intermission complete" came up right afterwards, if that jogs anyone's memory.

i'm eating these gummy sweets which are supposed to be gin and tonic sweets, but they taste rank, like battery acid. if you can find this set you can have my sweets.

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I believe it's the Chris Cunningham Big Chill set you're looking for. Can't find the exact clip (I do know the section you mean though)


NSFW warning



Edit - Actually could be Cunningham's Roundhouse set (also NSFW warning)





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