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Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 2

Ivan Ooze

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On 1/26/2021 at 2:54 PM, species8472 said:

one of the original tapes finally surfaced on youtube. its the only place it can be heard. essential listening.




Finally took the time to rip this and split it into tracks. Fantastic release; the A side is nothing short of stellar.

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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 2
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Thanks watmmasif for putting the royal we onto this hotness, been caning the f outta vols 1-3 for the last week+.  To be able to carve new facets upon dub/techno these days is commendable. Also appreciate artist's strict adherence to the 5 minute rule :cisfor:

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On 10/23/2021 at 10:44 PM, Alcofribas said:

your posts are as much of an eyesore as caze's lol

I've been here regularly for 14 years at least, I know my shit and your reviews, don't know caze tho (bullied him out already no?), so maybe i'm not sufficiently self-reflective. Have nothing against your posts or anybody's for that matter, chill out my bass (alco-free, aint it a cool line bruh)


Not hating on 5 minute rule by Dialectic by the way, it's memorable, but it's really just super-basic fade ins and fade outs -- nothing to praise in itself, probably cut ups from live sessions. Not loops as in repeat the same, yet anti-structural more so than Maurizio or Chain Reaction minimal jams were. I bet he/they decided on it out of not bothering how to organize it

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