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Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 2

Ivan Ooze

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Thanks watmmasif for putting the royal we onto this hotness, been caning the f outta vols 1-3 for the last week+.  To be able to carve new facets upon dub/techno these days is commendable. Also appreciate artist's strict adherence to the 5 minute rule :cisfor:

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On 10/23/2021 at 10:44 PM, Alcofribas said:

your posts are as much of an eyesore as caze's lol

I've been here regularly for 14 years at least, I know my shit and your reviews, don't know caze tho (bullied him out already no?), so maybe i'm not sufficiently self-reflective. Have nothing against your posts or anybody's for that matter, chill out my bass (alco-free, aint it a cool line bruh)


Not hating on 5 minute rule by Dialectic by the way, it's memorable, but it's really just super-basic fade ins and fade outs -- nothing to praise in itself, probably cut ups from live sessions. Not loops as in repeat the same, yet anti-structural more so than Maurizio or Chain Reaction minimal jams were. I bet he/they decided on it out of not bothering how to organize it

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