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The Chemical Brothers - Surrender (20th Anniversary Edition)

Soloman Tump

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Fairly comprehensive re-issue of a massive album.


I like the KiNK remix of HBHG.

Be good to hear the remastered album, but I have most of the B-sides from buying the vinyl singles back in the day.  Not sure I can justify dropping £52 on the CD boxed set as I've already got the Electronic Battle Weapons, the sasha remix, "Enjoyed" was used by Sasha & Digweed on their Communicate album so I have that also.

I would like to hear these Secret Psychedelic Mixes though... choices choices....

I do remember the Glastonbury footage being particularly awesome (and I saw them in 1999 so it would be good memories!)


3CD: Disc 1 – Surrender

1. Music: Response

2. Under The Influence

3. Out Of Control

4. Orange Wedge

5. Let Forever Be

6. The Sunshine Underground

7. Asleep From Day

8. Got Glint?

9. Hey Boy Hey Girl

10. Surrender

11. Dream On


Disc 2 - The Secret Psychedelic Mixes

1. Hey Boy Hey Girl

2. Let Forever Be

3. Out Of Control (21 Minutes Of Madness Mix)

4. Flashback

5. Dream On


Disc 3 – B sides and Remixes as curated by The Chemical Brothers

1. Flash back

2. Scale

3. The Diamond Sky

4. Studio K

5. Power Move

6. Enjoyed

7. Electronic Battle Weapon 4

8. Out Of Control (Sasha Club Mix)

9. Music: Response (Gentleman Thief Mix)

10. Music: Response (Futureshock Main Response)

11. Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)

12. Hey Boy Hey Girl (KiNK Remix)

DVD: Promo videos:

1. Hey Boy Hey Girl

2. Let Forever Be

3. Out Of Control


Glastonbury Festival 2000:

1. Hey Boy Hey Girl

2. Music Response

3. Block Rockin’ Beats

4. Song To The Siren

5. Under The Influence

6. Leave Home

7. The Private Psychedelic Reel


10” coloured vinyl D2C

Side A

1. Electronic Battle Weapon 3
Side B

1. Electronic Battle Weapon 4


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