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Fieldtriqp sc dump and new stuff


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This is amazing. I've always thought there was something really special about his music and never understood why it wasn't talked about more. Perfect for Halloween!

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I've been really enjoying this! He's effectively doubled his discography in a week, it's insane. I think I'll take my time a little bit with these and give each release some proper attention before jumping into the next one. I've also been relistening to all his previously released music, and wow, what an incredible level of depth and quality he puts out.

It's strange to me that BoC gets such an insane amount of love but artists like Christ and Fieldtriqp go largely under the radar. To my ears they sound so much closer in tone and atmosphere than [Insert random indie folk band with tape distortion/generic vaporwave soundcloud]. It's almost like most people that try to emulate BoC only do so on a surface level, but artists like Fieldtriqp are a rare example of really nailing the actual melodic and emotional depth, while still retaining a unique sound. In my mind that makes for a much more interesting and compelling listen. (Also to clarify - I'm not saying that Christ or Fieldtriqp are emulating BoC - just that they have similar melodic sensibilities)

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34 minutes ago, NI64 said:

It's almost like most people that try to emulate BoC only do so on a surface level, but artists like Fieldtriqp are a rare example of really nailing the actual melodic and emotional depth

definetly, I still listen to old haunts alot.. rlly looking forward to plunging into all of this sweet stuff :music:

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Also a new release under the moniker W e s t m o r


Welcome! You have stumbled upon a mixtape of sorts of warped, long ago memories, existential freak-outs, and even potential answers to the Fermi Paradox.

Originating from somewhere else in the multiverse. Equal parts involuntarily drugged instrumental hip-hop beats and 'Mandela Effect' affected Vaporwave. Containing unusual, fascinating, ridiculous, beautiful, and perplexing sample sources, many quite obscure, that it may make one start to question the very nature of existence. Which is ok. There are no memory holes here. The opposite is encouraged.

W e s t m o r is plunderphonics, instrumental hip hop, vaporwave, and, uh, classical baroque obviously. If you grew up even remotely close to the same multiverse quadrant as I did, you are likely to find enjoyable sounds within. Hopefully this album soundtracks some aspect of your life as it does mine.

Lastly, you should know, there does exist the possibility that you are Nick Bostrom. As am I. As is everyone.


released November 12, 2019

Brought to you by the same entity that produces Fieldtriqp.


all rights reserved


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 Long post! A lot of new music in 2020 as different aliases, maybe other projects, maybe a phisical release in the horizon?

I'm excite! :yeah:


Firstly, there’s going to be a lot of music coming in 2020. A lot. I know a couple years back I thought that this project was done regardless that I was always going to continue making music. But things change. So it’s not dead. There’s likely to be even more music from this corner in 2020 than anyone was anticipating or expecting. The difference though is that going forward it is all going to be new, whether as Fieldtriqp or some other alias like W e s t m o r or others yet to be named. There will definitely be a new ambient Fieldtriqp album in early 2020. There’s also a split (w/another artist) for 2020 I’m working on. Another Fieldtriqp album besides the ambient one and another W e s t m o r album. A couple other projects beyond those even. And this may all be concluded by summer 2020.

New as in new as is new. The four albums released together a month ago (santa cruz, blacklight, trap, sun) were made up of tracks spanning a lot of the same time periods as the albums that had been released for years (old haunts, people, hidden etc.). Forthcoming albums will have next to zero tracks from the past. I’ll probably mention if I do ever include a track from long ago, if it happens. The point is, the unreleased and older stuff is no longer a focus right now. (Although, I may gather some of this for super exclusive bonus material for those of you who deserve something super extra, you know who you are.)

I’m likely to continue to self release digitally via bandcamp. I just doubt I’m ever going to put in much effort getting signed. I did send a couple emails out a week or so ago and I got a very nice no thanks letter from one of them and it got me thinking about things but ultimately made feel like “what’s the point?”. I have to assume that many labels already are aware of my music. If someone thought they could exploit my sounds for money (it isn’t charity work, running a label), they’d inquire. I’m more than ok remaining this obscure and have more fans than I could have ever dreamed of. I’ve worked with a legend (Christ.). And there are people all over the globe who still listen to sounds I made a lifetime ago in addition to new sounds I’m making. I’ll never get over this fact. I just feel comfortable where things are. For now. It’d be cool to see Fieldtriqp on vinyl but the time spent chasing that goal is time I’d rather spend writing music. Having said all of that, there is a potentially physical release stirring anyway. I hate marketing. I’m naturally an introvert. I genuinely love hearing from people that my music has made them feel like my own personal favorite music makes me feel. That is an honor. Soundtracking someone’s better moments. The last thing I would want to do would be to try and talk someone into that. It can’t be. I have album codes - If anyone wants a free digital download of any of my albums, just pick one and ask and it’s yours. This offer stands until it disappears. This offer is subject to disappear and reappear at my discretion ?

I’ll probably edit this post to death so if you care, maybe check back in on it because the contents could expand and may be slightly altered in a day or two. Thank you.


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