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Sub comparising slate digital and Plugin Alliance


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I do not know if this is the right section to ask, I am sorry if it isn't
I recently started using an all acces pass on digitale slate. It has many plugins which I already use. Now I saw on facebook an add for a simular service. I read a bit about it and it looks better. The main thing that I like a lot is that when a plugin would go out the bundle you get it for free for a life time with a life time license (even in case of bankrupcy of the company)
I can not buy these kinds of plugins because they cost a lot of money...
I also have no clue what to buy, I do not have any knowledge of these things so a sub is better since it also includes future plugins which will be released.
I currently have this sub: https://www.slatedigital.com/
I took it in the first place for the ANA 2 synth (which I rarely use to be honest) but stayed for all the other plugins like reverb, EQ and delay and the "mastering" tool. I just use the "mastering" tool to put the song on the right volume so all songs are basicly at the same volume level. I am happy with this sub but for some reason the other sub seems better it is this one:
https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/prod ... nthly.html

Do any of you have an opinion about both subs? Please share them then. I will go ahead probably and take the 14 day free trail of the other sub to check it out.

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