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Question about Bleep


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So this might not be the right place to type this out so if the mods feel like this should be deleted, no prolem.

I have a question about Bleep.

If a product ships, do you get an e-mail saying that it's on the way to you? 

I pre-ordered something and on the day it said it was going to ship I didn't get any dispatch e-mails or nothing. Is that normal? 

This is was my first time ordering something physical on Bleep after avoiding it for years. Should I order more stuff on their site in the future or should I stay away from them since the general opinion on Bleep here is pretty negative.

Thanks for answering and if this isn't the appropriate place to post this feel free to delete this.

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5 minutes ago, sheatheman said:

Dude you shouldn’t be ordering music it’s all on Spotify. 

I want to support artists I like by buying albums from them instead of paying a company 10 bucks a month while the artist gets only a few cents for every track play he/she gets

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Yeah you should get an email that it's been dispatched.  You can also go into your account page on bleep and the order will have a note saying it was dispatched if they sent it out.  They could be waiting to get the stock from the label/source still if it's past its shipping day. 

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53 minutes ago, kakapo said:

Blerp seem to be having a few problems getting stuff out the door, probably for the obvious reasons.  Anyone else seeing significant delays at moment?

i ordered a vinyl from them last month and a whole week went by before they even dispatched it, and this was pre-xmas rush/pre-black friday/pre-royal mail getting f'd in the a, so i dread to think what it's like right now.

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