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Looking for a track AE mentioned in AAA

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I have going thru the whole AAA-thred but cant find this quote by Sean or was it just a dream?
The subject was listen to music high on acid/shrooms and Sean mentioned some tracks he really enjoyed while tripping. 

Anyone remember the track/tracks? Or the quote? 


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What are some of your favourite pieces of euphoria inducing music (considering that different things are euphoric for different heads)?
Sean now this is fun' by depeche mode always gets me in a really up state, but it's not really euphoric in the way most people mean (i.e. 'too many fizzy synths')
Rob isoprophlex - afx
mountain goat - amorphous androgynous
polynomial-c - afx
circles vicious mix - john & julie
temple - jon hopkins
jungle - jungle wonz
allowance - isolee
work harder/work softer - perc
no.3 - VA chain reaction
X2 - electric soul
indicatif roissy - parmegiani
from the hame hill - brian eno
untrue - burial

i could go on and on, mbe 
all diff contexts but pretty much euphoric to me

freebe extra:

What is one track, by any artist at any era, that you listen to and enjoy every time?
Sean acid eiffel by choice
Rob LFO vs FUSE : loop - journey mix 


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funny ive been reading thru it since yesterday! He also mentions having tripped to old hip hop radio

John Ehrlichman "the envelopes thing is intriguing because it seems like the whole concept of an envelope follower has been taking to the extreme in a lot of new AE compositions. like using env lpf type sounds to squelch the drums. I love how fwzE sounds like the whole song is going through some kind of really tasty wah-pedal type filter, seemingly using some kind of drum controlled envelope. "


Sean: yeah tbh it's prob the result of listening to old hip hop radio tapes while tripping
you get all that extra texture, and the whole track being fucked, i dunno we're just really into it

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