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Mrs Mangel - germanmls EP (31 October 2019)

may be rude

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the SC account description says:


more vinyl soon"


the SC album description says:

"serious idm nonsense from the woman like mrs mangel.
shout out to jane and bouncer.
hold tight erinsborough.

EP release date:
31 October 2019"


I seached for the EP title and didn't find anything so I'm guessing it will be a BC digital release, at least initially. maybe someone here will have more info...





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3 hours ago, perunamuussi said:

That's my wife's soundcloud


dude, good stuff. really enjoyed listening through it. 


sc said something about the release date being today. are there flacs around somewhere? 

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Still not out? It's nowhere to be found on bc. I'd love to buy this. Some proper IDM here. Dolis intrue still the best track

EDIT NUMBER 2: I only just realised these Soundcloud tunes are from 4 years ago.

Still it's some of the best braindance i've heard this year.

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  • may be rude changed the title to Mrs Mangel - germanmls EP (31 October 2019)
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