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New & Upcoming Spacey Electronic Music Releases : Penryn Space Agency's discoveries this month

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Penryn Space Agency Radio Show Mission 052 blasts off in this Saturday night 22:00 - 00:00 BST on Source FM  (T - 44 HRS)
Tune in for the live broadcast - 2 hour mix of hot new spacey electronic music https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen
90% of the tunes are less than a month old.  When we say new, we mean NEW NEW  

At a time when fast broadband, mobile technology and streaming have transformed consumer behaviour around listening,
we need to accelerate some behaviours, stop others and drive change faster than ever before.

Supercharging our impact on young people:
We guarantee to reduce your carbon footprint in the search for hot new spacey electronic music that stimulates and invigorates. 
Don't waste resources listening to anything else. Music has the right to children too, you know.
Remind yourself there's still a glimmer of hope for Earth music and therefore mankind.  You just need to look really hard.
Our Mixcloud account is 1000 mins from passing the 1 million minutes listened mark. That's exciting isn't it, thx for listening ?  
#PSA052 Live Broadcast SAT 26/10/19 at 22:00 - 00:00 BST on Source FM, Cornwall, UK https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen
At all other times: http://www.penrynspaceagency.com

The latest shows are uploaded to the archive approx 10 days after broadcast with full flight logs and links to discogs / soundcloud and buy.


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